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Bad Princess

Alpha Build

NOTE: Once installed, the game must be run as Administrator


The Game

Gather resources

All around the map you will find rocks, trees and iron ores from which get resources.


Summon new Goblins

Workman, Ranger and Warrior Goblins will help you in your quest.

Protect the Princess!

The enemy will attack you restlessly. Don't let them take the princess!


Ally Units

Workman Goblin

This minion will get resources from the scenario at your command.

He is also in charge of building and repairing certain elements such as Kitchen's Pot or Well of Darkness.


Warrior Goblin

The only purpose of this Goblin is protect his Princess by all means.

The armor guarantees him high damage tolerance in comparison with the rest of the units.


Ranger Goblin

The swiftest class of all, this Goblin will take down any sneaky enemy, like Assassins or Looters.

In addition to this, the Ranger Goblin can set traps that will be the nightmare of your foes.


The Princess

Although surrounded by loyal minions, the Princess is not a defenseless maiden.

She bears the power of darkness in her Wrath, and will use it against any obstacle in her way.



Wrath Wave

Pushes away every close enemy and stuns it for 3 seconds.



Dark Influx

Increases attack, movement speed and max life points of every close Goblin.




Heals a certain percentage of every close Goblin's max life points.



Berserker Mode

Increase Princess' attack for 5 seconds. In addition, under Berkserker Mode the princess can't be knocked down.










Alfonso Arribas

Game Design, 3D Modelling

Javier Vela

Game Design

Carlos Hernández

3D Modelling, Animations

Isabel Royán González


Rayco Sánchez García

Game Programming

Carlos Vences González


Iván León Santiago

Game Programming

Manuel Gil Enríquez

Game Programming, 3D Modelling, Animations

Giacomo Guidi

Game Programming

Jorge Luque Carrasco

Game Programming

Antonio Sánchez Ruiz-Granados

Project Tutor

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